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Gape & Cemes both have long experience in their specific fields:


  • 1988 – Founding of Gape
  • May 1996 – Purchase of Cemep, specialised in precision engineering
  • November 1998 – Founding of Cemes, specialised in the study and development of special machines.
  • October 2001 – The Georget Development Group focused on the activities of Gape and Cemes and sold Cemep
  • May 2013 – Creation of the HGCI Holding by Jean-Michel JOUSSEAUME and Didier CRENN
  • June 2013 – Purchase of Gape and Cemes by HGCI Holding

The Management team

The Gape Cemes management team:


  • Jean-Michel JOUSSEAUME is the Chairman of HGCI Holding and General Manager of Cemes
  • Didier CRENN is the General Manager of HGCI Holding and General Manager of Gape

A human-size group

Gape and Cemes are 2 sister companies based near Poitiers. They both share the same aim: Customer satisfaction. The two companies are associated on the same site and combine a total workforce of about 40.

Gape Cemes’ design office and workshops, handles the whole engineering study from beginning to end: mechanical, electrical, assembly, wiring and programming. We take care of the commissioning of the machine at your premises, and the training of your personnel. The expertise accumulated by Gape Cemes over several years enables us to provide rational, clever and hi-tech solutions to all your projects.

Our aims are to provide you with custom solutions regardless of your geographical situation, to be attentive to your expectations and enable you to be high performance companies in an ever more competitive world; and to provide you with a range of equipment and a quality of service that are constantly more comprehensive and more competitive.

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